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Sydney Opera House Jigsaw Puzzle Project

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Sydney Opera House Jigsaw Puzzle Project by Glenn Harris

These designs are created by
Glenn Harris
and are copyright protected.
This without doubt is a truly exciting and unique design, Presented in the style of a jigsaw, which to my knowledge has not been done before.
It is offered in two ways:
Firstly in 12 individual 4 x 4 Panels, alternatively as 4 combined designs to fit 140 x 200.
For the more adventurous, you might like to stitch out these 12 panels and then join together for a wall hanging, myself I opted to take the easier way and stitched out the 4 combined designs for this project, so this is what I will go through to assist you to do the same.
I used a a cotton drill material to stitch on, with a medium weight tearaway backing, as always use the smallest hoop available to accomodate the design size, as with all designs of this nature density can be a concern, but it is necessary to maintain the structure of the design.
A little trick I often use in this situation, is to reduce the thread tension slightly to avoid any distortion and therefore maintain the design in its intended form.
Stitchout all 4 design panels, when this is done I started with Design 4 and trimmed the left hand edge as close as possible. to the embroidery, take care when doing this.
I then layed it onto the right hand side of Design 3 (do not trim RH of design 3) making sure to leave about 2mm all the way from top to bottom, I then pinned together and with an ordinary sewing machine, did a satin stitch approx 3mm wide from top to bottom.
I then repeated this to all the remaining Designs until they were all stitched together, I then commenced to apply a satin stitch the same way across the design from left to right at the joins that can be clearly seen.
Trim the design to leave about 50mm all around,now select the material for the face of the wall hanging, making sure to leave about 100mm larger than design.
I placed this over completed design and stitched around outside of design (about 2mm outside) then trimmed a window out to expose design.
Now to complete, I then stitched a nice braid over this edge all around.
All thats left to do is to apply a backing to this and finish of the edge of your wall hanging as you wish and to apply hanging loops to top.
I hope this has been of assistance to you, as I am really pleased with the way my wall Hanging presented on completion

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